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11983Battenberg Cake (11983)
12224Multi Mini sponge cakes (12284 and 12224)
12224Multi Mini fruit cakes  (12284 and 12224)
1402312in Square Madeira Cake (10034 and 14023)
14083Traditional Rich Fruit Cakes - All sizes for square pans (14083)
14083Cinnamon Cherry and Almond Cake  8in Square Cake pans (14083)
21114Sponge flan cases  Crimped flans with top hat (21134 to 21114)
2231311in Tarte Tatin   11in Tarte Tatin pan (22313)
22353New Mini Tatins   4in and 5in Individual Tatins (22343 & 22353)
223838in Tarte Tatin   8in Tarte Tatin Pan  (22383)
22393Apple and Redcurrant Pie (Serves 6): 9in Fluted Edge Pie Dish (22393)
23084Chilled Lemon and Raspberry Flan  Continental Flans (23054 to 23084)
31083Walnut Fudge Brownies (31083)
33323Perfect Yorkshire Pudding (33323)
379847in and 8in Victoria Surprise Cakes (37974 and 37984)
40782Bread baking (40782)
419636in Panettone(41963)
419737in Panettone (41973) 
440742lb Boxing Day Pie (44074)
440942Kg Boxing Day Pie (44094)
50742Christmas Pudding and other recipes (50742)
50752Christmas Pudding and other recipes (50752)
50762Christmas Pudding and other recipes (50762)
56772Party- size Charlotte Russe (56772)

Cake Pan Volumes
To help you to adapt your own recipes, we have compiled charts of Square and Round cake pan volumes,
and basic Recipe Quantities.


Recipe Quantities