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Here are a few of the exciting new products recently added to our range.
Click on a picture for more details:


Mini Puddings Galore!

Now you have a choice of 5 sizes of mini pudding basins:

From our cute 4floz baby mould, through 6floz (College Pudding), 8floz, 10floz and up to 12floz.

4floz 55724          6floz 55734          8floz 55744          10floz 55754          12floz 55764



Individual Tatin / American Pie dishes
Since introducing our awardwinning Tarte Tatin dishes in 2002, we have had numerous requests for an individual version. Two things held us back:
Firstly, customers weren't sure whether they wanted a 4in or a 5in version, and secondly, we felt the finished dish would inevitably look like a dog bowl!  Then: Eureka! Why not do both sizes, and add a little Silverwood design magic? The result is a choice of either:

5in diameter  
22353 (for larger appetites and American sized Apple pies) or
4in diameter   22343 (still naughty but restrained).

Battenberg pan  11983
Our Battenberg Cake pan has already been a great success.
Named in honour of the marriage of Queen Victoria's granddaughter (Also named Victoria) to Prince Louis Battenberg in 1884, Battenberg cake has become one of the most popular tea-time treats in the UK, with thousands sold every week. Now you can easily make your own with our bespoke pan.
Complete with full recipe details, the new pan can make a traditional Battenberg cake, or with a little ingenuity can be used to produce numerous "checkerboard" variations.


Battenberg Pan 11983

New Vpan range
Introducing for the first time, our all-new range of Vpans.
V shaped, Versatile and...... Vell, Ve can't actually think of anything else!
A great range of 8 pans, chosen to offer maximum choice and flexibility.
The weights quoted below refer to bread dough prior to cooking.
1lb Vpan 7½in long       41773   4lb Vpan 14in long              41743
1½lb Vpan 10in long     41703   2lb broad Vpan  9in long    41893
2lb Vpan 12in long        41723   3lb broad Vpan 10in long   41803
3lb Vpan 13½in long     41733   Lidded 10in Paté Pan        41003
For those BIG, BIG Wedding receptions:
Just in time for the wedding season, we have  introduced two HUGE pans to the range:
14in (36cm) x 4¼in Deep Square cake Pan, loose based 14043                 
14in (36cm) x 4¼in Deep Round cake Pan, loose based  35043
       That's a 20p coin!
Family Sized Swiss roll pan. 23732
Have a look in your nearest Supermarket, and you'll find that these days, Swiss Rolls are available in a choice of sizes, including a large, family size.
We've taken this on board, and here's the result: A 13 x 9inch pan.
23722 (12 x 8in) and 23732 (13 x 9in)

Previously added:

Multi Mini Heart Set. Sixteen 2½in hearts on a tray. 12504

The latest addition to our amazingly popular Multi-Mini sets, this tray of 16 mini hearts is now available. 
Included in the set is a "cook's perks" ring, approx. 2½in diameter, which sits in the centre of the set to hold everything in place.
Previously Added:
A great new version of an old favourite:
Our all-new, 4in Deep Multisize cake Pan


A set of Extra Dividers.
At last, the ultimate accessory set for the ultimate cake pan. 
12284 and 12224

A whole new concept in Individual square cakes:
Choose from a 16 or 36 pan set.

12384 and 12304

And now, Individual Round Mini-cakes:
Choose from 2in or 2½in diameters.

22253 and 22293

Exciting new shapes;
Party or individual sized Petal flan dishes: