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2in Square Multi Mini
Individual Cake pan Sets
Developed in association with cake decoration specialists Squires Kitchen, our unique Multi-mini cake pan sets are designed for baking miniature cakes quickly, easily and with no messy crumbs. Perfect for wedding gift cakes and children's party cakes.

Isn’t life too short we hear you say?  Why not simply bake a slab-cake and divide it up into little squares?


Actually, there are good reasons for going to the trouble of baking individual cakes, particularly in the case of wedding gift cakes:


Firstly, a cut-slice can never reproduce the variety of textures found in an individually baked cake.

But more importantly, any dried fruit which is sliced-through when the cake is cut will eventually leach fruit-acids into the icing and stain it: Not what you need after spending hours lovingly decorating dozens of cakes for that special day!



Silverwood code 12284 for the 16 pan version and 12224 for the 36 pan set

Both the 16 x 2in set (12284) and the 36 x 2in set (12224)
come in attractive full colour packaging:


Mini Rounds: