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4in (10cm) deep
12in MULTISIZE Cake pan

Having sold well over 100,000 of the original Multisize cake pan, we have recently introduced a new, improved version (AS code 10034)


Our original Multisize pan broke new ground with its stunning versatility and practicality. The vast scope of sizes it covers, (79 different square and rectangular shapes to be precise, though who wants a 10in x 2in cake?) and the intrinsic simplicity of removing baked cakes, ensured that the Multisize was a resounding success from day one.

And when you add to that the fact that all this potential will pack away into the bottom of a shallow drawer, it's no surprise that BBC Good Food magazine awarded it the coveted "Best Buy" in its survey of square cake pans.

For a delicious Rich Fruit cake recipe, follow this link to our recipe page.

Set the dividers to your chosen size.
Or bake different cakes at the same time (click picture)

Improved Design

The new pan is stronger, easier to assemble and even more versatile than the original:

Now a full 4 inches (10cm) deep for full depth wedding cakes

Rounded corners improve handling and assembly

Locking hooks provide greater strength and stability

PLUS: New configuration allows extra dividers to be added (see below)